Land & Water Conservation Fund to Expire Next Month

LWCF logoWithout action from Congress, a program that has been in place for more than fifty years to acquire and improve public lands will expire on September 30. The Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) has helped preserve natural resources and cultural sites that are critical to our country.

Congress created the LWCF in 1964 to protect natural resources and provide opportunities for outdoor recreation. Like Alabama’s Forever Wild Land Trust, the LWCF uses no taxpayer dollars and instead invests proceeds from oil and gas leases. The LWCF provides grants to states and local communities to acquire land, while also acquiring federal land to complement our national parks.

In Alabama, the LWCF made grants to fifteen communities in 2017 alone for projects including a splash pad at Selma’s Riverfront Park and renovations to East Lake Park in Birmingham. From Battleship Park along Mobile Bay to Little River Canyon in North Alabama, our state has benefitted tremendously from the LWCF. Communities have added and expanded recreational facilities and provided invaluable access to our public lands.

Please join us in asking Congress to take action and renew the Land & Water Conservation Fund. If the LWCF is allowed to expire, the legacy of public lands in the United States expires with it.


One response to “Land & Water Conservation Fund to Expire Next Month”

  1. donna matthews says :

    To Whom do we address our concerns? Please include whom to contact info!

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