2018 Session By the Numbers

The Alabama State Legislature adjourned sine die on Thursday, meaning that the 2018 legislative session is officially over. As usual, the last week of session was action-packed as both chambers tried to tie up loose ends and pass their priority bills. You can find a great write-up of session’s last days at the Montgomery Advertiser.

Session can often pass in a blur, so let’s take a look back at what Conservation Alabama was able to accomplish in 2018 thanks to the help of our members, partners, and advocates:

  • Killed three separate bills that threatened the Forever Wild Land Trust;
  • Killed House Bill 362 twice in one week;
  • Helped our members send 6,022 messages to elected officials in support of Forever Wild;
  • Defended Alabama’s public lands for the third straight legislative session;
  • Added 663 new advocates!

Thank you for every message you sent and each friend you told, and your continued commitment to Alabama’s natural resources!

As a funny end to session, anti-Forever Wild HB 362 was declared one of the “deadest” bills of 2018. Here’s the resolution:

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 7.33.44 AM

Standing up for your conservation values is our primary role during session. The next step is electing conservation champions to represent us in Montgomery, and that’s where we’re turning our attention to now. In the coming weeks we’ll be endorsing candidates we believe will fight for Alabama’s public lands and conservation priorities. We’ll be sharing information about those candidates with you so you can make the best possible decision at the ballot box.





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