Night of the Living Dead (Bill)

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 6.58.44 PMOn Tuesday, HB 362, the anti-Forever Wild bill, was defeated in the House. We all breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that the attempts to tax Alabama’s public lands were done once and for all this session. Unfortunately, like something right out of a horror movie, the bill very briefly came back to life on Thursday night.

Conservation Alabama learned of a plan by the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Mark Tuggle (R-Alexander City) to bring HB 362 back from the dead Thursday.  Rep. John Rogers (D-Birmingham) filed a motion in writing within the first hour of the House convening requesting HB362 be reconsidered despite the bill having been defeated on Tuesday. This is an uncommon occurrence, but one that is allowed by House rules. Thursday evening the bill was brought up before the full House for reconsideration. Rep. Tuggle, who had been working members all day, offered an amendment to the bill in an attempt to appease some House members who voted “no” on Tuesday. A bill like HB 362 that calls for a constitutional amendment requires three-fifths of the vote to pass, and despite his best efforts Rep. Tuggle could not muster the 62 votes he needed. HB 362 was defeated again Thursday night by a margin of 49-12, putting the last nail in its coffin for this legislative session.

The attempted resurrection of HB 362 is a perfect example of the importance of Conservation Alabama’s work at the State House. During session, things can happen quickly, and without a careful eye on the legislative process our natural resources are at risk.

We want to give a special thanks to Rep. Randy Davis (R-Daphne), who went to the podium during Tuesday’s debate on HB 362 and eloquently explained the Forever Wild Land Trust and the threat this bill posed to the program. Rep. Davis was also a sponsor of the legislation to renew Forever Wild in 2012, and we are grateful for his leadership when it comes to protecting Alabama’s public lands.

As always, we’ll be watching the legislature for the rest of the session to make sure your conservation values are protected. For now we’re celebrating – and we hope you are too.


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