Forever Wild Safe for Now, Water Policy Legislation Introduced

AL Capitol DomeMore than 7,000 emails and letters have been sent to elected officials demanding protection of Forever Wild. Due to this outpouring of support for the program, this week there was no advancement of HB 502.

HB 502 proposes a constitutional amendment that would require the Forever Wild Land Trust to pay counties for any lost ad valorem taxes on lands purchased through the program. With six days left in this legislative session, fighting this bill is our top priority. HB 502 starts the clock on the end of future Forever Wild purchases. With each additional acquisition, more taxes are owed, and less funding is available to purchase additional lands for public hunting, fishing and recreation.

It’s not too late to tell your elected officials to Vote NO on HB 502. Call or email your representative or senator today and tell them you support Forever Wild.

This week Representative Patricia Todd (D-Birmingham) introduced the Alabama Water Conservation and Securities Act. HB 577 would facilitate the coordination of plans, laws, regulations and decisions pertaining to water allocation. Under current Alabama state law, no state agency is tasked to assess stream flows to ensure that water uses are sustainable, and no agency is empowered to step in when water uses threaten the integrity of Alabama’s water resources. HB 577 would ensure that water resources are protected during times of drought or water shortage and clearly defines the conditions that that would trigger state action. For more information on HB 577, click here to download a fact sheet prepared by Alabama Rivers Alliance.


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