Eco-Tourism Comes to Anniston

bikecamp2On Monday, Conservation Alabama staff attended a meeting of the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail Committee in Anniston. Almost 30 miles of trails have already been completed, and Anniston hopes to become a nationally known destination for mountain biking when the trail system is completed. Ultimately, the mountain bike trail will be connected to Downtown Anniston, so bikers can easily access the mountain while patronizing Anniston’s small businesses.

For towns like Anniston across our state, eco-tourism provides an incredible opportunity to attract new visitors and revitalize communities. Located within a 4,000 acre tract of land protected by the Forever Wild Land Trust program, the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail is a great example of that program at its best. This trail provides accessible public lands so that new and diverse user groups can enjoy the natural beauty of our state.

When you live in Alabama, it can be easy to take our scenery for granted. The variety of landscapes and natural resources in our state allows tourists to experience rivers, lakes, beaches, mountains, and plains all in a relatively short geographic distance. Hats off to Anniston for seeing the potential in their community and taking steps to share it with visitors.

If you’d like more information on riding the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail, visit the City of Anniston’s website and check out this great video of the trails.


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