Federal legislation to watch

Representative Terri Sewell (AL-7) with Conservation Alabama’s Jim Spearman and LCV’s Erica Toler.

Representative Terri Sewell (AL-7) with Conservation Alabama’s Jim Spearman and LCV’s Erica Toler.

Conservation Alabama Executive Director Jim Spearman attended the League of Conservation Voters’ Lobby Day earlier this month in our nation’s capital to advocate for the people and places you love in Alabama.  The day was filled with meetings, starting at the White House then moving to Capitol Hill, where he met with members of the Alabama delegation to address a variety of issues affecting the state. Discussions with Rep. Terri Sewell (AL-7) and Rep. Robert Aderholt (AL-4) and staff members for Rep. Mo Brooks (AL-5) and Sen. Jeff Sessions centered on environmental bills currently moving through Congress.

The discussions focused on ensuring the success of the Pioneer Wind Projects in northeast Alabama, which are joint-venture projects between Pioneer Green Energy, a Texas based company, and both the Alabama Power Company and the Tennessee Valley Authority, while also encouraging similar projects in the future. While meeting with the various members of Congress or staff members, Jim lobbied for support of H.R. 924 or its companion bill S. 401, the Incentivizing Off Shore Wind Power Act, and H.R. 1616 or its companion bill S. 761, the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act.

Conservation Alabama is pleased to report that Rep. Sewell is a co-sponsor of H. R. 924 and subsequently signed on to support H. R. 1616 following the meeting. Improving our energy efficiency is the cheapest, fastest, and safest way to tackle our energy needs and reduce emissions. These are some of the common sense bills that Conservation Alabama is fighting for to create more renewable energy, reduce emissions, and create jobs that will improve Alabama while protecting the people and places you love.

In addition to promoting energy bills, Conservation Alabama will also be working with our partners at Smart Growth America to push for the approval of H.R. 2468, the Safe Streets Act of 2013, which seeks to ensure that all federally-funded road projects are built to accommodate users of all ages and abilities.As we work to promote walking, bicycling, and transit as alternative forms of transportation at the local level, we will continue to ensure that considerations made at the federal level will serve to protect the safety and health of Alabamians.


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