Support slipping for toxic waste bill?

DontDumponAL4A report out of the Decatur Daily last week shows that support for the toxic waste bill might be slipping.

More than 25 co-sponsors signed onto HB181, an effort to reduce the fees hazardous waste haulers have to pay to dump their dangerous chemicals at the Emelle hazardous waste facility. But Rep. Lynn Greer, an original co-sponsor of the bill, said he will now vote against it. Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow even admits in the piece that Alabama is already the nation’s dumping ground, but doesn’t see a problem with more toxic waste being hauled into Alabama.

Despite the legislation being out of committee for nearly a month, the school flexibility bill and its aftermath have kept the toxic waste bill from coming up for a vote in the full House. That could change Tuesday when the bill is scheduled as the second item on the agenda. Hundreds of Alabamians have contacted their House member through the Conservation Alabama Action Center to tell them to vote NO on HB181.

In other conservation-related action, the Senate Finance and Taxation General Fund Committee voted 7-1 on a bill that would require oil spill settlement funds to go to pay back the Alabama Trust Fund. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Paul Sanford of Madison, was not supported by Sen. Trip Pittman of Baldwin County. As the oil spill caused environmental and economic damage to Alabama’s coastal communities, any settlement monies should stay in the affected communities.

You can follow legislation related to the environment each week on Conservation Alabama’s Hot List at


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