Hazardous waste bill goes before full House Tuesday

DontDumponAL4While the big news of the legislative week was the power play by Republicans over the school flexibility bill, conservation-related bills made barely a whisper last week. That will change this week.

HB181, a bi-partisan effort to reduce the fees hazardous waste haulers have to pay to dump their dangerous chemicals at the Emelle hazardous waste facility, is scheduled to be before the full House Tuesday. The bill is an attempt to increase the amount of hazardous waste coming into the state, by reducing the state-based fee from $21.60 per ton to $11 per ton. Hundreds of thousands of tons of hazardous waste have been brought from all over the country and internationally to Emelle over the last three decades, while the facility has experienced numerous fines and a problems related to spills, leaks, and threats to human and environmental health.

Tell your House member “Don’t Dump on AL” and to vote NO on HB181 by visiting the Conservation Alabama Action Center.

No other conservation-related bills are scheduled currently to be voted on this week, but that is subject to change.

Last week, Jefferson County legislators, led by Rep. John Rogers, introduced legislation that would require state and local agencies to publish air pollution permits in Birmingham, where they currently are not required to do so. This is an attempt to increase awareness and transparency, especially in North Birmingham neighborhoods who have been dealing with excessive levels of air pollution.

You can follow legislation related to the environment each week on Conservation Alabama’s Hot List at conservationalabama.org.


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