More than lights out

Since electric lines were strung pole to pole and home to home, parents have told their children to turn out the lights behind them because they “don’t have stock in the power company.” Apparently, neither does Governor Robert Bentley.

It is going to take more than turning out the lights to carry out Bentley’s Executive Order 25 – a 30 percent reduction in state government energy consumption by Fiscal Year 2015. That’s why Bentley also asked each department and agency to designate an Energy Officer “to study, investigate and recommend energy saving procedures and practices for their agency.” By implementing the strategies developed by the Energy Officers, state government should reduce energy consumption by 30 percent from Fiscal Year 2005 levels.

“State government is a major consumer of energy. My administration is working hard to make government more efficient with taxpayer dollars and conserving energy at state facilities is one way we can help make government more efficient,” Governor Bentley said in a statement. “State agencies can take the lead and foster ideas on ways to conserve energy and become a model on energy efficiency.”

As part of the Executive Order, Bentley is requiring that “the latest energy conservation practices must be used in the design, construction, renovation, operation and maintenance of state facilities and ENERGY STAR labeled equipment must be used when replacing or purchasing new equipment.”

Conservation Alabama and our partners at Energize Alabama applaud Governor Bentley’s leadership on this issue. We’re asking our members to thank Governor Bentley through our online action center. You can send your note of thanks by clicking here.


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