Alfa’s Hog Farm bill – Round 7

Well, it’s official. Alfa has seen to it that their ill-conceived hog farm bill is introduced for the seventh straight year.

Senator Kim Benefield introduced SB368 today for its first reading. It has been assigned to the Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry Committee, which she chairs. Co-sponsors of the bill include Senators Zeb Little, Denton, Pittman, Brooks, and Griffith.

Jeff Martin is closely monitoring the bill and talking to senators. He will give us updates from the State House as new information comes in. At this time, the bill is not on the Ag Committee’s calendar for next week, so no action is anticipated then.

If any of the six senators who have co-sponsored this bill is your representative, please contact them to let them know you oppose SB368 as drafted. As a reminder, this bill would put the burden of the cost of a lawsuit on the plaintiff for both their and the defense’s legal fees should a citizen sue and lose for nuisance against a hog farm operator.
This bill, should it pass, would virtually make it impossible for citizens to protect their homes and communities from the smell, flies, and lowered quality of life concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) such as hog farms cause. It limits citizens legal rights and puts tremendous amount of power in the hands of corporate hog farmers and other bad actors.

Conservation Alabama will keep you updated as new information comes from the Senate.

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