First our water, then our land

Reports out of Georgia this week have Georgia legislators rubbing their hands in glee over a proposal to take the southeast corner of Tennessee for their own.

Citing a supposedly botched survey in 1818 that put the Georgia-Tennessee boundary one mile south of the 35th parallel. A shift would move Georgia closer to the bountiful water resources of the Tennessee River.

Georgia lawmakers want border redrawn for some Tennessee water – Associated Press 2/7/08

Boundary resolution cynical ploy on water – Athens (GA) Banner-Herald 2/7/08

So, for decades, Georgia (read Atlanta and suburbs) have been trying to lie, cheat, and steal their way to soak up the Southeast’s water resources. Now, they not only want the water, but they want the land too. Much of Alabama was once part of the Georgia territory, so will they claim the entire state for their water resource needs?

Atlanta is a cancer on the Southeast that has been growing since Reconstruction. The latest ploy to take Tennessee land is just an example of how this cancer is on a tract to steal the land, water, and life out of the Southeast.

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