Conservation Alabama featured in Reuters story

Conservation Alabama’s Executive Director Adam Snyder was featured in a Reuters story that was published October 30, 2007.

Southeast drought leads to spat over lake – Reuters 10/30/07

Pulled from the end of the story:

But Adam Snyder, executive director of Conservation Alabama, said poor water management planning — as much as low rainfall — was at the root of the dispute.

“The problem is that you have a high demand for water in the Atlanta area,” he said. “They being at the headwaters of so many different streams and everyone else is at their mercy …. It is three states versus the Atlanta metropolitan area.

“Forty years ago Atlanta claimed they were ‘too busy to hate,”‘ he said, referring to the city’s slogan as a racially harmonious city. “Since then they have been too busy to plan and the rest of us are suffering as a result.”

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