Encouraging transit signs from Denver

The annual excursions to places known around the country always have area leaders coming home singing a different tune. Will this time be different?

After a two-day trip to Denver to learn about that community’s success on multiple issues, the 3-member Republican majority of the Jefferson County Commission is talking taxes for transit. What’s encouraging is that two of those commissioners are former state legislators and the commission president is regional chair of the Republican Party.

Jeffco trio touts regional transit – Birmingham News 9/27/07

The discouraging part are two sitting legislators were not all that encouraging about taxes for transit.

Transit issues are a priority for Conservation Alabama and we will work with whomever is willing to step up and try. We’re used to the detractors, but we hope that the energy following this trip will not wane until there is proper funding in place to fund a world-class transit system in Birmingham that can serve as a model for the rest of the state.

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