Hazardous waste dumping questioned

Although sensationalized by the Mobile Press-Register, a story in Saturday’s edition details some questions attorney David Ludder submitted to the FBI and federal Environmental Protection Agency on behalf of Conservation Alabama and the Citizens for a Clean Southwest Alabama regarding potential hazardous waste dumped in an Escambia County landfill.

Lawyer accuses ADEM, Olin Corp. of illegal dumping – Mobile Press-Register 9/22/07

Ludder has not accused anyone of any impropriety. However, he has asked the FBI and EPA to investigate the conditions surrounding the dumping of 23,000 tons of mercury-laced waste by the Olin Corp. earlier this year.

Select landfills are allowed to receive hazardous material, such as mercury. However, the Timberlands Sanitary Landfill is not permitted to receive hazardous waste. Allowing any landfill to accept hazardous waste puts more communities at risk around the state from health hazards linked to hazardous waste.

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