Getting up off the ethics floor

As reported Friday here on the Alabama Conservationist, the Environmental Management Commission took a small step for ethics reform at the agency by requiring ethics training for all ADEM staffers. The EMC attorney Robert Tambling suggested that the ethics act represents the “statutory floor for ethical behavior” at state agencies, but that’s not enough for the Talladega Daily Home.

“The baby steps the Alabama Department of Environmental Management are taking to restore the public’s faith in its ethics is laughable if it weren’t so sad.

It has been two months since the revelation that ADEM director Terry Glenn accepted a gift for him and his family from a company the agency regulates. And all the Environmental Management Commission, which oversees ADEM, could muster was two of the five commissioners showing up for a meeting and recommending Glenn set up ethics training for all employees.”

ADEM needs a strong ethics policy – Talladega Daily Home 9/23/07

You can read the Birmingham News report of Friday’s Personnel Committee meeting of the EMC.

Ethics training advised at ADEM – Birmingham News 9/22/07

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